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I'm not here right now, but leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can.
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I'm not here right now, but leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can.
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●●●●○ EROS 22:18
Wanda Maximoff
scarletwitch (21)
Sokovian. Empathic. The Scarlet Witch. Might share my cooking if you ask nicely. Let's get coffee.

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Player Information
Name: Callie
Age: 26
Contact: [ profile] dontyousonicme
Characters already in Medietas: None!
Reserve Link: Here!

Character Basics
Character name: Wanda Maximoff
Character Journal: [personal profile] seeingscarlet
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon Point: Post Age of Ultron
Age: Early 20s, probably 20-21. 
Icon: This one!

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Oct. 30th, 2016 01:08 pm
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Wanda Maximoff (21)
Sokovian. Empathic. Formerly the Scarlet Witch. Might share my cooking if you ask nicely. Let's get coffee.

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NAME: Callie
AGE: 26
CONTACT: [ profile] dontyousonicme

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  • New Avengers outfit
  • Clothes from various sources
  • Maximoff family photo
  • Locket including a smaller version of the Maximoff family photo
  • Jewelry including her kuchi coin necklace and 6 of her rings (raven claw, silver twist, silver moon, gold and red leather, "cage" statement ring, arrowhead ring)
  • Bag of 4 small diamonds (1/4 remaining)
  • Makeup set from Caducus Primary, including a small mirror that sometimes shows the viewer's past or future self at night
  • Cleaning package (gloves, mop, bucket, brush) that may or may not have been shoved in a dark corner somewhere
  • Spa-in-a-basket
  • 2 get-out-of-jail-free cards
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Player Name: Callie
Are you 16 or older: Yep!
Contact: [ profile] dontyousonicme
Current Characters: N/A
Tag: wanda maximoff (mcu)

Name: Wanda Maximoff
Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Canon Point: Post-Age of Ultron
Age: Not stated in canon, but I usually go with 20.
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✦ FASHION: Usually a mishmash of her Moira uniform and her New Avengers outfit. She practically lives in that coat. As of Emiri, Wanda's picked up some dresses and a replacement for her red shawl. More general Wanda aesthetic here.
✦ DEMEANOUR: Wanda's fairly unassuming at first. She's much more understated than her brother, but she can also be a fairly intimidating lurking Presence if she wants to be.
✦ AURAL: Sokovian accent. Listen here.
✦ OLFACTORY: Wanda favors warm scents or dark florals.
✦ MENTAL INFORMATION: Wanda's telepathic and will know if your character touches her mind. As such, she's highly resistant to most forms of mental manipulation.
✦ MAGICAL INFORMATION: She's a regular human, but there's something off about her. If MCU Pietro, Vision, or Loki's scepter are in the setting, your character might notice a similar thread in their auras.

✦ BACKTAGGING: Yes please.
✦ FOURTHWALLING: I'm okay with it, but be prepared for Wanda to go in your character's head.
✦ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Wanda enjoys casual touches and hugs from her friends, although she'll tense up if she hasn't known your character for long. She probably won't react well to random kissing.
✦ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: No gore or serious maiming, or at least don't go into too much detail of the textures - I associate it with food and then get extremely food repulsed. No killing without plotting it out first. Wanda's pretty powerful, so your character probably won't make it out physically and mentally unscathed.
✦ RELATIONSHIPS: I am down for shipping if the CR is going that way.
✦ FACE TWINS: No thank you if we share a PB. A certain resemblance is okay if it's another universe's Wanda. 

❧ Permissions
✦ MIND READING: Generally, Wanda can get anything from surface thoughts to memories to your deepest fears and dreams. Or at least, she can if you're not a machine or telepathically inclined enough to block her out. She's also able to get a general sense of what kind of person your character is.

Please note that this doesn't have to be a constant read if you would rather that it wasn't. Also please feel free to qualify this if you would rather she only do so under particular circumstances. Additionally, viewing extremely violent (planet-killing level) thoughts and memories can also cause her physical pain, so let me know if you think this might apply.

Finally, Wanda can sense emotions and may have a harder time blocking them out if your character is projecting. If they have become close, she may also be aware if they are seriously injured or killed if you would like. Just let me know!
✦ MENTAL MANIPULATION: I will always approach you if something comes up where she might want to try messing with your character's head since Wanda doesn't use this lightly, but if you know for a fact that you're not up for that, please let me know! She's trying to learn to use this ability to help people (nightmares, distractions from extreme pain, etc) so unless you're fighting her it's more likely to be used in a support function.
✦ TL;DR: You can read more about Wanda's powers here.
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